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General Questions

  1. Why should I choose WMF Photography?

    WMF Photography has been in existence for over 40 years. We are proud to be one of the best photography studios in New York State. One of the reasons this company is so successful is because everyone at WMF Photography always strives to have a positive attitude. Every customer is greeted with a smile and a genuine willingness to be helpful and do the best job possible.

  2. What discounts are available and how do I qualify?

    For Underclass, Sports, Dance, and Daycare/Nursery orders we offer a family plan discount. This discount means that after paying full price for your first two children, any other children that you place an order for will receive 50% off.

    Example: 1st Child - $30, 2nd Child - $30, 3rd Child - $15*
    *price comparison if identical products are ordered.

  3. How and when will my child's image get into their yearbook?

    At WMF, we will make sure the entire process is taken care of. After your child's photograph is taken (Underclass or Senior) WMF will transfer those images to the school they attend to ensure it is ready and able to be in their yearbook. There is no addition cost for this service.

    Note: Any studio retakes MUST be done within one week of your school's ABS date to ensure the new photo is sent to the yearbook on time.

  4. What types of payment does WMF accept?

    WMF accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

    *If you are making a single payment for more than one child at the same school, we ask that you fill out an order form for each child. Please indicate that the payment is for more than one child and indicate the names of all the children that the payment includes on each order form.

  5. Can I order mounting, framing, and/or embossing for my portraits?

    These options are available for Senior, Studio, and Family sittings. Mounting, framing, and embossing (gold or silver) choices can be made during your session in the studio with a photographer.

  6. What is retouching and how extensive is it?

    Retouching is a process that is completed in our image processing department after the photo session is over. For Underclass it consists of removing blemishes, acne, redness, and perspiration. Senior & Family retouching consists of removing acne, blemishes, redness, perspiration, glare/shine, fixing hair, lighting, and brightness/contrast. For Senior & Family sessions, certain photos will be retouched as a part of package pricing. More images can be retouched for an additional cost to the customer as well as more extensive treatments (i.e., Braces removal).

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Ordering/Product Questions

  1. Can I place an order online?

    You absolutely can place an order online! By clicking here or on the Order Photos & View Galleries link to the right of the page, you will be directed to a login page. At this page, your login will be requested to view your desired photos. This login is particular to your child only and consists of a mixture of 8 numbers and letters which are case-sensitive (upper and lowercase). This login can be found on your Package Envelope that was sent home with your child's image on the outside of it. After entering your login, you will be directed to a page with preview images that you requested. Just follow the on-screen instructions and make your purchase from your computer at home.

  2. What if I am unhappy with the portraits that I have received?

    You can have a retake done (at no cost) at school on ABS day. This is approximately one month after the original picture day. Just return the complete package to the photographer on ABS day.

    You can schedule a Saturday studio appointment (after ABS day). To ensure that your new photo is sent to the school for the yearbook, the retake must be done no later than one week after ABS day.

  3. My kids do not live with me, can I still order photos of them?

    You will need their reorder number or internet login to do so. If these are not available, we will have to call the school to assure you have access to that information. We do this to protect the students we photograph.

  4. When I purchase portraits, do I receive a copyright release?

    While you may purchase as many portraits as you desire, the original copyrights to those images will continue to stay with WMF. We now offer a 2-image CD (High Resolution & Low Resolution for Underclass, Nursery/Daycare, Sports & Dances that comes complete with a Copyright Consent File for unlimited rights and replication of included images for personal use.

    For seniors, WMF offers a senior CD with up to 6 customer-chosen images as well as a Copyright Consent File for unlimited use.

  5. Can I purchase more packages?

    Of course you can purchase more packages through WMF. Whether it be online, over the phone, or in-person, WMF will honor any request for the purchase of more photos. To make this process easier, please be prepared with your reorder number/login code or at very least, the name of your child and where the photographs were taken.

  6. What are the products that WMF offers?

    WMF offers a wide variety of customizable products to satisfy your needs. With magnets, plaques, buttons, waterbottles, mousepads, etc., there is something for everyone at WMF. While product choices may vary from program to program (Underclass, Sports, and Dance), you can see a full list of available products by using the Need Photos? link to the right of the page (with proper login) or by clicking the Photo Gallery in the menu to the right.

  7. How and when will I be able to see my photographs?

    Underclass, Sports, Dance Studios, Nursery & Daycare: You will receive your photographs in approximately three weeks. You will have the opportunity to have the photograph retaken on the absentee date if your school has scheduled one.

    After you receive your photographs you can use your internet login to view your images online, as well as order additional prints.

    Seniors & Family: You will be able to sit down with your photographer, after your sitting, to view your images digitally that same day and within a few days your images will be available for review online. If you choose to purchase the same day you will receive a 10% discount on your order.

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Senior Specific Questions

  1. Why are senior/family packages more expensive than underclass?

    With Senior & Family packages, the prices not only include their session time (approx. 1 hr.), but extensive retouching, multiple outfits, props, backgrounds, and locations as well. Each Senior/Family is given private in-studio time with a trained photographer as well as viewing time after the shoot to pick their desired images and the products they would like to order.

  2. How long is my studio session and what should I bring with me?

    A studio session is approximately one hour long. The deposit secures your session time. Your studio session will include a viewing session to discuss your image selections. You may bring up to four outfits, head to toe. Your photographer will be doing a variety of poses on several backgrounds. You may bring props to use, such as musical instruments, sports equipment, pets, and even your car!

  3. What is senior retouching and how extensive is it?

    For Senior & Family sessions, certain photos will be retouched as a part of package pricing. More images can be retouched for an additional cost to the customer as well as more extensive treatments (i.e., Braces removal).

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